Futurliner auction a bust on eBay

  • GM Futureliner front 3/4

One of the last remaining General Motors Futurliner busses failed to live up to expectations at auction. Bidding on the restored machine started at $500,000, but after a week on eBay Motors, bidders had only managed to turn the volume up to $505,600. That's a tall stack of cash, but still well below the owners' reserve and under the estimates that said the Futurliner would fetch into the millions of dollars. Of the 12 original busses, only a handful remain, and one example recently brought home $4.1 million at Barrett-Jackson.

This auction was supposed to break all previous eBay Motors records.

What kept this particular piece of history from drawing similar money? It's difficult to tell. Maybe the previous auction was over-inflated or maybe there are only so many collectors out there with the means to care for a 33-foot long, 12-foot-tall beast of this nature. Perhaps part of the high-stakes bidding fun is being there live with the cameras rolling.

At this point, it's unclear whether the owners will hold onto their Futurliner for a little longer or if we'll see it under the gavel one more time.

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