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Polaris to close GEM factory in Fargo, will shift production to Minnesota, Iowa

In late April, Polaris Industries announced that it would soon acquire full ownership rights to low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) from Chrysler.

Now comes word that Polaris will shut down GEM's existing factory in Fargo, ND and shift all production of the neighborhood electric vehicles to Polaris' facilities in Medina and Wyoming, MN and Spirit Lake, IA. Polaris says the transition will be completed by the end of 2011.

For some 80 current GEM employees, the move means that their days of manufacturing vehicles in Fargo will soon come to an end. Some have reportedly been offered positions at the aforementioned trio of Polaris production sites.

Currently, GEM manufactures six street-legal models; well, they're legal on roads with posted speeds of 35 miles per hour or less. To date, GEM, widely recognized as a leader in the neighborhood electric vehicle segment, has sold 45,000-plus battery-powered vehicles worldwide.

[Source: CBS Minnesota]

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