Drops of water added to silicon-air batteries increase discharge capacity by... 40%!

For starters, silicon-air battery technology is so out there that pinpointing what makes it work is no easy task. In fact, only a team led by professor Ein-Eli from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, seems to show an interest in silicon-air battery tech. We do know that, at least in theory, silicon-air technology could lead to a lightweight, highly durable battery that could cost less than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Now, it seems, adding some water to the electrolyte of a silicon-air battery could increase its discharge rate by a massive 40 percent. Researchers from Israel Institute of Technology report that the addition of 15 percent water by volume leads to an increase of 40 percent in the silicon-air battery's discharge capacity. However, if the water content exceeds 20 percent by volume, the cell's capacity decreases dramatically. What this study apparently shows is that silicon-air battery technology is ideal for humid environments, where the cell's performance improves instead of decline as some other air-based batteries supposedly do.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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