Atlanta Police Wrote Tickets So They Could Take Parking Spots

Officers got cars to move, then took the spots and went to lunch

A local news outlet in Atlanta, Ga., obtained a cell phone video of what appears to be a flagrant abuse of power by local police officers.

The video shows two officers forcing drivers that were parked illegally in front of a restaurant to move by issuing tickets. But then, once the cars had been moved, parked in those exact spots and entered the restaurant.

The man who shot the video, who only wished to be identified as Oscar, narrated the scenario to WSBTV and admitted that he was one of the illegally parked cars.

"She [the officer] was actually writing tickets and once she got everyone else moved they parked and went in and got something to go."

The ticketed drivers, who waited around to watch the scene unfold, confronted the officers once they had come out.

"They said 'yeah we work for the city, these are city cars and we can do that,'" Oscar said. "You think they were just moving people so they could park, that's exactly what they were doing, so they could park."

The Atlanta Police Department released a statement saying the situation was being investigated for violations of departmental policy.

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