Valvoline says "Let's Do M.O.R.E." with recycled motor oil [w/video]

Valvoline "Making an Impact" – Click above to watch video after the jump

Valvoline says that "we all can do more to help reduce the environmental impact of ours actions." To that end, Valvoline has launched "Let's Do M.O.R.E." to raise awareness of the importance of recycling that black crud that drains out of a vehicle's oil pan. Since we know you're curious, M.O.R.E. stands for "motor oil recycling education."

Aside from educating the public about the benefits of recycling used motor oil, Valvoline has agreed to donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful for each person (up to $250,000 total) who recycles used oil and uses recycled oil. All that's required of you is to fill in Valvoline's "I'll Do M.O.R.E!" form. In addition, Valvoline is offering a $10 rebate on its NextGen recycled motor oil. Hit the jump to check out Valvoline's educational "Making an Impact" oil recycling video.

[Source: NextGen Valvoline]

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