Learning to live with a Nissan Leaf: "I don't ever have range anxiety"

It's quiet, it's quick, it's quirky... but (with the help of GM's marketing department) what may pop into your mind when you think about the Nissan Leaf is that dreaded phrase, "range anxiety."

If you're thinking that owning a Leaf might require a prescription for Valium, Lynne Mason of the blog Electric Cars Are For Girls has an article up recounting her experience as a Leaf owner. It's full of good advice for anyone considering the Leaf (or another EV), and the best news is that she's learned that motion via battery doesn't mean chewing your fingernails:

I can honestly say that I don't ever have range anxiety. The range does fluctuate based on how you drive, but it's no different with a gas powered car.

I did charge to 100% for about the first 2,000 miles until I got a good feel for where my boundaries are. Then I realized there was no more need to charge at 100% because I always had plenty of range for the driving I do, and trust me I do a lot of driving but it's all pretty local. I live 10 miles from the nearest store so every trip is over 20 miles.

Sounds like clear-headed, real-life experience to us.

[Source: Electric Cars Are For Girls]

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