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Mitsubishi turns to Facebook to promote electric i

What's the logical way to advertise an egg-shaped, rather odd-looking electric vehicle on a tight budget? On Facebook, of course.

For Mitsubishi Motors' bargain-priced electric i, social media sites are ideal to spread the word. Greg Adams, Mitsubishi's vice-president of marketing and product planning, told Automotive News (sub. req.) that more than half of the i's advertising budget will goes towards social media and digital ads. That, according to AN, compares to the roughly 15 percent Mitsubishi typically spends on social media and digital ads for its other vehicles.

Mitsubishi has already set up a Facebook page for the i, with some content that can only be accessed by clicking the "Like" button. With no outside promotion, the quirky i currently has 3,218 "Likes." Click here if you'd like to become number 3,219.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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