E15 not coming to gas stations anytime soon

With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially issuing its finalized E15 (gasoline with 15-percent ethanol content) warning label, there's widespread belief that the recently approved biofuel will be coming to gasoline stations soon. Well, it seems that's not likely to be the case. In fact, it won't take place for at least a year.

The Government Accountability Office says that health, safety, cost and environmental concerns will probably keep E15 away from the pumps for more than one year. The GOA claims that nozzles, underground storage tanks and other fuel-dispensing equipment will need to be evaluated prior to E15's arrival. The concern is that leakage, which isn't an issue with E10, could suddenly become a problem with E15.

The GAO continues by claiming that some fuel stations may have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade equipment in preparation for the arrival of E15. There is also the matter of an ongoing lawsuit that sees automakers trying to overturn the EPA's approval of the blended fuel along with a promise to void the warranties of vehicles with E15 found in their tanks. We'd guess E15 has a very long road ahead of it...

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