UPDATE: The new site will take a few minutes to appear and operate correctly for everyone. Unfortunately, it really isn't as simple as flipping a switch, but be patient and keep reloading.

Autoblog is celebrating the debut of its latest redesign today, the fifth complete overhaul of the site since it launched way back in July of 2004. Since then, Autoblog has grown to become the largest enthusiast website for automotive news, reviews and event coverage in the world, with over 6 million unique visitors every month.

The latest Autoblog redesign is an evolution of the same blog format that has made the site so appealing to its millions of regular readers, while updates to the design, simplified navigation and a slew of new features have been added. One new feature is called Quick Scan View, which lets readers view 30 articles at a time in an easily browsable tile format – great for when you've been away from the site for a day or two and need to catch up on what you missed.

Other new features include:
  • "Lazy loading" of images for quicker loading times
  • Automaker sections with pages for every model
  • Research new vehicles with info powered by AOL Autos
  • Download gallery images with one click
  • Attach images and videos to tips
  • Play the podcast in a separate window while browsing the site
  • Check out our all-new Long-Term Garage section
  • Share, Tweet, Email or Print any article

Autoblog readers themselves played a significant role in shaping the new site. A beta version went live months before today's launch, and readers have been providing the Autoblog team, its developers and designers valuable feedback to ensure the finished product is what they wanted.

Today has been the culmination of months of work, but is by no means the end. We will continue to listen to reader feedback, incorporate suggestions and fix any bugs found in the weeks and months to come. We'll also launch a completely new AutoblogGreen soon.

This redesign would not have been possible without an extremely talented and dedicated group of designers, developers and project managers. The entire Autoblog team would like to thank the following people for their hard work: Jay Moore, Brandon Goode, Tom Pitts, Debra Anderson, Ray Dorman, Apollo Nguyen, Andy Kahn, Sameer Patel, Katy Collins, Ryan Gatewood, Suhale Malang Khader, Pranav Butala, Ginger Lindberg, Margaret Porteus, Sae Kim, Mitch Hazam, Justin Wolf and Rudi Thun.

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