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Perfecting the motorcycle-tooth-removal method

How to remove a child's loose tooth with a motorcycle – Click above to watch the video after the break

Losing your two front teeth... it's a basic right of passage for anyone in the single-digit age group. And in today's world, there are much better ways to remove a tooth than the tried-and-true tie-it-to-a-door-handle method of yesteryear. Why be so crude when there are so many unique and interesting options at one's disposal?

Our current favorite? The motorcycle-tooth-removal method.

As you'll see in the example after the break, it requires one big sister (with bad breath, if possible), roughly 20 feet of string and a small dirt bike (gas or electric is fine). For best results, capture the action from multiple angles, using at least one camera that can record footage in slow motion and one mounted on the back of the dirt bike.

Wrap the entire event up with an appropriate letter to the tooth fairy, and await payment. See the process demonstrated perfectly in the video after the break.

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