Lufthansa to fly into aviation history with first-ever biofueled passenger flight

Those boarding Lufthansa's flight number LH013 from Hamburg to Frankfurt, Germany on July 15th will fly into aviation history as the first-ever passengers to take a seat on a regularly scheduled commercial flight powered, at least in part, by biofuel.

On Friday, Deutsche Lufthansa AG will do something no other airline has ever done. While plenty of aircraft have flown demonstration flights using biofuels, including one in late June involving a Boeing 747-8, no airline has used biofuel during passenger flights. That's because certifying body ASTM International didn't approve biofuel for commercial aviation until July 1st.

Lufthansa will use HRJ (a hydrogenated biofuel that consists of a 50/50 blend of vegetable oil and kerosene) on eight of its daily 28 flights between Hamburg and Frankfurt over the next six months. Lufthansa has dedicated one twin-engined Airbus A321 to the 244-mile route.

[Source: TreeHugger | Image: Andres Rueda – C.C. License 2.0]

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