VIDEO: Fully Charged pays a visit to Oxford YASA Motors

Axial flux electric motor from Oxford YASA Motors – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've seen Oxford YASA Motors installed in all kinds of vehicles, including the Westfield iRacer and the Delta Motorsports E4 Coupe. Even the Ecotricity Ion Horse that ran in the recent TT Zero uses one. Now, Fully Charged, the excellent video series from British plug-in car enthusiast Robert Llewellyn takes us inside the company's shop for a closer look at these axial flux motors.

Not only do we get informed about what makes these motors so special – great power and efficiency for their size and weight – we also get a little chat with Robert afterwards about how exactly permanent magnet electric motors work. For those of us without advanced science degrees, it's a relatively easy-to-understand explanation of the simple principles involved. Hit the jump for another great Fully Charged episode that begins with a totally frivolous 0-to-60 sprint in the Nissan Leaf.

[Source: Fully Charged]

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