Honda CR-Z Mugen compared with.... Ariel Atom Mugen?!

Mugen vs Mugen – Click above to watch video after the jump

Mugen and Honda go together like vanilla ice cream and apple pie. Sure, the pie can stand on its own, but a nice scoop of ice cream takes it to another level. Mugen rolled out a pair of tuned CR-Z hybrids at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the blokes from Auto Express asked to spend a day with one of them. Their team also wrangled away the keys to another "unlimited power" vehicle: a Mugen-tuned Ariel Atom.

How do the two compare to each other? Let's be real here... they don't. One is a naked track assassin while the other is a juiced-up hybrid wearing a body kit. Both vehicles have had Mugen wrenches applied to their engines, but that's pretty much where the comparison should end. Still, we can't say it's not entertaining.

Click past the jump to see how they "stack up" against each other.

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