HBH sketches out one-off Aston-based supercar

Sketches of the HBH supercar based on the V12 Vantage - Click above for high-res image gallery

HBH stands for Hermann, Brandt, Hartwig, the surnames of three Danes who have had hands in cars like the Kleeman GTK, Sondergard kit car and Zenvo ST-1. The partnership specializes in assisting other companies develop projects, but now HBH has one of its own: build a one-off, mid-engined concept based on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage.

It has no name yet, but it does have sketches. The rendering released last month, looking much like a Noble, is a touch more refined, a bit less bulldog than the newly unveiled chalked-out version, and we think we like the latter better. Speaking of bulldogs, Torben Hartvig mentioned the 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog concept when talking about a precedent for changing the engine layout of the V12 Vantage, and said that with the HBH car they want "to create a car that has the Le Mans racing pedigree but at the same time, from a styling viewpoint, is in complete harmony with Aston Martin's design heritage."

In addition to the new location, the 6.0-liter, 510-horsepower V12 will be supplemented by two superchargers of HBH design. That could be good for somewhere around 700 horses, enough to take the V12 Vantage from Roman candle to Bunker Buster. Only one car is slated to be made, but if (rich) people begin lining up, we image that number could grow. A little.

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