Chrysler to pass on stretched 300, cedes livery market to Lincoln

  • Chrysler 300 Long Wheelbase side

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Chrysler won't be stretching the company's new 300 for livery service anytime soon. According to Automotive News, the automaker isn't interested in locking horns with Lincoln in the limousine business. The reason? Chrysler built a long-wheelbase 300 once before and the vehicle didn't exactly leap off of lots and into chauffeur fleets. Part of the lackluster demand came from the fact that the old 300 had to be shipped to a separate company for livery modification, making it more expensive in the process. Chrysler says that since there isn't an overwhelming demand for the elongated 300, there isn't much of a business case for its creation.

That pretty much leaves Lincoln to take the livery market by default despite the fact that the long-reigning Town Car is on its way to the grave. The company has said that it plans to use the MKT crossover to replace the old Panther platform cars, though it remains to be seen if livery customers will embrace the notion of adopting the baleen-faced high rider.

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