European Union says CO2 emissions fell 3.7% in 2010

The fuel efficiency of vehicles sold in Europe in 2010 improved slightly versus those sold in 2009, according to provisional European Union data. The EU says that last year's numbers show that CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles fell by 3.7 percent, moving the average emissions down to 140 grams per kilometer.

The EU, home to some 500 million people, has set a target of reducing average emissions from vehicles to 130 g/km of CO2 per kilometer by 2015. Last year's improvements put the EU on track to overachieve on its target. EU climate commissioner, Connie Hedegaard, had this to say:
These data show again that setting targets... stimulates the car industry to put greener cars on the market. These innovations also ensure Europe's car industry remains competitive in the changing global market.
Perhaps surprisingly, it's not the onslaught of hybrid vehicles or diesel-sipping machines that have led to the EU's reduced emissions. In fact, it's technologies applied to the good ol' gas-burnin' engine that has reduced emissions the most.

[Source: Ward's Auto – sub. req.]

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