What cities have the most patriotic car buyers?

In this case, "patriotic" refers to car shoppers who buy from domestic manufacturers regardless of where their products are actually built or designed. Not surprisingly, reports that the Big Three are most popular in the Midwest, with more than two-thirds of car sales going to Ford, General Motors or Chrysler. Detroit and Saint Louis were rated the two cities with the largest slice of domestic car buyers with consumers choosing to buy American 67 percent of the time. Cleveland, Ohio came in third with a 59 percent U.S. majority in the study.

The Detroit News reports that those figures slide off a bit the farther you move toward the coasts. San Francisco shoppers only opt for domestic hardware 27 percent of the time. Los Angeles and San Diego are tied at the same rate. Likewise, East Coast buyers tend to lean more toward import vehicles, with just 32 percent of New Yorkers taking home an American vehicle. Head over to TDB for a full look at the rankings.

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