Nissan bringing back Datsun name for emerging markets?

Word on the web is that Nissan is mulling the notion of bringing back the Datsun name. According to The Truth About Cars, reports are emerging that the Japanese automaker will employ its old moniker in emerging markets for new, inexpensive models. Specifically, the cars are slated to cost no more than $5,000. That kind of coin likely won't fetch buyers much more than an engine and a couple of doors, but that's just fine by our reckoning. Unfortunately, the news means that American buyers won't be able to sink their teeth into a resurrected 510 anytime soon.
The reports haven't said exactly where the Datsun name will show up. In fact, the plan seems to still be awaiting the go-ahead from the suits at Nissan. Still, if approved, there's a chance that your next overseas rental will wear a Datsun badge on the hood.

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