Infineon Raceway gets solar powered, uses sheep to mow lawns

Infineon Raceway
, formerly Sears Point Raceway, is a 2.52-mile track located near Sonoma, CA. The course features a complex series of twists and turns, dramatic changes in elevation and is host to one of only five NASCAR races run on road courses. All this fuel-burning action doesn't mean the track doesn't want to be part of the green scene, which is why Infineon is home to a massive array of 1,652 solar panels that produce up to 353 kW of juice when the sun shines.

Spread out over five separates sites, the Panasonic HIT photovoltaic panels can provide up to 41 percent of the energy needed to keep the sprawling raceway operational. Recently, Infineon Raceway invited our friends over at Inhabitat out to the track to check out its solar array and its full-time flock of 3,000 lawn-mowing sheep. No lie.

Looking for more pics? Click here 'cause our buds over at Inhabitat have tons of exclusive shots.

[Source: Inhabitat | Image: Mike ChinoInhabitat]

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