Consumer Reports investigates who builds most models in U.S.

Consumer Reports make/model table – Click above to see entire article

Thanks to its countless hours of research and testing, Consumer Reports is able to provide detailed and accurate assessments of pretty much every new car out there. Some of the data they compile results in the all-important reliability and safety ratings.

On the other hand, some of the stuff they come up with is a little more trivial. Like how many American-made individual models each automaker produces. Not important, but kind of a fun fact to flex your car knowledge muscles with. The list was compiled by counting each automaker's list of individual models. In other words, the Honda Civic counts toward Honda's total, but the Civic Si does not.

For 2011, Ford and Chevrolet top the list with 12 each, followed by Toyota at nine and Honda and GMC at eight. General Motors topped the corporate ladder with 21, followed by FoMoCo with 14 and Chrysler with 12.

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