Nissan: "Comparing miles per gallon is suddenly irrelevant," look at miles per dollar instead

Who doesn't desire more advertisements in their already ad-saturated lives?

When it comes to all-electric vehicles, Nissan seems to think we can handle one more. First revealed as an iPhone iAd, what we've got here is Nissan's "Comparing miles per gallon is suddenly irrelevant" print ad. Of course, the focus here is on the Nissan Leaf and its exceptionally low operating costs. More specifically, Nissan shows us how far the Leaf can go on $1.

It's a brilliant ad, really. There's this statement:
Comparing miles per gallon is suddenly irrelevant - the Nissan Leaf doesn't even have a gas tank. So, let's just compare how far your car can take you on a single dollar. The math speaks for itself.
And then there is a graphical representation that answers the all-important question: how far can you travel for one buck. The answers: if you own a Leaf, 25 miles; a Mini Cooper S, 10; a Toyota Prius, 18; and a Chevrolet Volt, 16.5 miles. These numbers have got to be legit because advertising is all 'bout telling the truth, right?

[Source: Huffington Post]

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