Next TVR to get... BMW diesel power?

TVR faithful – what few there might be remaining – have been wondering for years what Russian billionaire owner Nikolai Smolenski plans to do with what remains of the company. He bought the Blackpool firm in 2004, and ever since, it seems it has made more headlines than products. The latest is Smolenski's apparent plan, detailed to a Dutch magazine, to replace powertrains in existing cars with either a General Motors LS3 V8, a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder turbodiesel from the BMW 335d, or an electric system.

This has nothing to do with the purported LS9-powered TVR MD-1 we were told we'd see next year. This is being presented as a way to get TVR doing something while the world waits on the MD-1, and appears to involve both creating new cars as well as refitting customer cars.

If you're interested, a complete LS3 or diesel retrofit will relieve you of £33,000 ($53,112 U.S.), which includes the engine, Tremec manual gearbox, brakes and a modern dashboard. The engine and gearbox alone will tally £16,400 ($23,392 U.S.)... which means there must be an awesome dash-and-brake combination. No price has been given for the electric version.

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