Demoted exec files age-descrimination suit against GM

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that General Motors employee Daniel Plouffe has brought an age discrimination lawsuit against the automaker. Plouffe has worked with GM for 40 years, but claims that older executives were urged to retire after the company's 2009 reorganization. Those that refused were forced to accept demotions and cuts in pay.

Plouffe himself had to take a position that entailed the work of three other former GM executives while suffering a 20-25 percent income reduction. The demotion came in spite of progress reports that showed Plouffe was exceeding the company's expectations, and the plaintiff says that the higher-ups in the company told him that GM wanted to promote younger workers.

GM, meanwhile, denies any wrongdoing. The company refused to discuss details of the lawsuit with The Detroit Free Press, but said it adheres to a thorough anti-discrimination policy. The article also made it clear that Plouffe may face an uphill battle as lots of companies cut older workers with higher pay in order to save money. The decision rarely has anything to do with the actual age of the workers.

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