eBay Find of the Day: Honda racing school in a box

  • Don Swanson Racing School for Sale

Don Swanson Racing School for sale – Click above for high-res image gallery

We've always thought that if we'd managed to marry above our station, the first thing we would have done with our spouse's money would be to buy three or four identical cars and a meandering stretch of pavement. Friday night with the guys would suddenly become Friday night at the track with the guys with the winner taking ultimate bragging rights.

Now that dream is a little closer to reality. The entirety of the Don Swanson racing school has cropped up on eBay Motors, complete with a full semi, four EJ Honda Civic racers and a Dodge Grand Caravan.

If you're playing the "which one doesn't belong game," we'll give you a hint; it's not the Civic race cars or the semi.

All four of the Civics look to be DX models with five-speed manual gearboxes and non-VTEC D15 single-overhead cam lumps under the hood. That means there's likely way more grip on hand than power, which is the perfect recipe for some confidence-building on-track hijinks. Each of the racers come equipped with plenty of safety equipment and more than a few performance bolt-ons, and the auction even includes all the suits, helmets and gloves you'd need to stay reasonably protected. The buy-it now price sits at a somewhat reasonable $79,000 or best offer, so get to clicking.

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