CRP Racing takes 1st and 2nd at TTXGP Euro race at Silverstone

The gods smiling down upon the Silverstone Circuit a weekend past were most definitely Italian in origin as that country's CRP Racing claimed both 1st and 2nd place in the opening round of the TTXGP Euro electric motorcycle racing series. Alessandro Brannetti crossed the line with a comfortable 20 seconds between himself and his new teammate Alex Battistini. Third place belonged to Team Agni's David Hallett aboard the venerable number 77 bike that Jenny Tinmouth rode to victory last year.

Starting from pole position, Brannetti began the race conservatively, allowing his teammate to take the lead. He soon caught up and raced hard for two laps before settling down for his victory cruise. Richie Welsh, rider for Arc EV Racing and the sole entrant in the TTX75 class seemed to be punching above his weight by moving up into second place on the eighth lap. With only 7.5 kWh of battery though, he soon had to relent and slid back to fourth in order to finish the race under power. Of those who made it to the starting line, only Team Prozza failed to finish. The Japanese newcomers were running strong until the brushes in their DC motor started to prematurely give up the ghost.

In a statement after the contest, the winning Italian mentioned missing the participation of Münch Racing and their main man Matthias Himmelmann. The two are closely matched and have tangled on the track many times. Unfortunately, that team was struck a blow after leading in qualifying when the batteries in their new TTE-1.2 race machine experienced something of a a runaway thermal incident. The fire destroyed more electronics than could be replaced before the race, ending their weekend early. Münch members are confident they can identify what went wrong and avoid any repetition in the rebuild. They hope to rejoin the series quickly.

[Source: TTXGP / CRP Racing / Münch Racing]

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