Osama Bin Laden can be under your control daily, as a shift knob

This didn't take long. American Shifter Company has created a dead Osama bin Laden shift knob. For the low price of $69.95 (on sale!), you can row your gears with the zombified head of Al Qaeda's former leader. Sure it's about as tasteless as fishnets at a funeral, but it's far from the worst automotive accessory we've seen.

Each knob is cast from high-impact resin and hand-painted for that special look. The artists use a protective coating to keep the paint from wearing or fading, and American Shifter says that the company only plans to produce 5,000 of them. Each Osama knob comes with its own threaded hardware, though American Shifter Company conveniently sells an adapter kit for most applications.

Who knows? Wait 20 years and you just might see one of these on Antiques Roadshow. Truthfully, we can only think of one ride that can credibly rock this accessory: the Navy SEALs Desert Patrol Vehicle.

Head over to American Shifter Company for a closer look, just be warned that not all of the company's knobs are safe for work.

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