Infographic: Taxed at the pump

Gas tax infographic – Click above to view interactive version after the jump

With the price of a single gallon of gasoline hovering around $4.00, it's not like gas comes cheap. In fact, seven out of ten Americans say that soaring pump prices are causing financial hardships.

We bet you didn't know that the nationwide average tax on gasoline of 49.5 cents per gallon has shot up 1.4 cents since January 2011. Or that Connecticut's gas tax of 73.1 cents a gallon is the highest of any state in the nation. Or maybe even that Alaska, which charges just 26.4 cents a gallon, can boast that it's home to the lowest gas tax in the country?

Which states tax the most at the pump? Intuit's interactive state-by-state infographic, chock full of taxing details (sorry!), awaits you after the jump.

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[Source: Intuit/Turbo Tax via Green Car Reports]

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