Land Rover to Biggie-size Evoque?

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Autocar is reporting that Land Rover may be looking into super-sizing its new Evoque mini-crossover. Word has apparently come down from shadowy sources inside the company that indicates executives are looking to add a fourth model to the Land Rover line. If you believe what you read on the internet, that vehicle will slot between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport in terms of size and price (what this would mean for the LR2/Freelander, we're not sure), but will likely be built on the bones of the smaller Rover. The creation even has a name; "Grand Evoque," which sounds more than a little like a character pulled out of George Lucas', um, mind.

Autocar indicates that the mooted Grand Evoque will even wear similar styling to its smaller forebearer. That includes making use of a traditional five-door design to allow for easy ingress and egress with coupe-like aesthetics. Autocar says that the motivation behind crafting a mid-sized CUV for the Land Rover line comes from the fact that American buyers are pumping cash into the segment at a blistering pace and that the Chinese market is similarly ripe for an explosion.

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