Mini to offer five-door derivative of next-generation hatchback?

Mini Clubman rendered with an extra suicide door

The relentless expansion of the Mini range is showing no signs of abating. Even before you get into engine options, the retro hatchback has spawned a convertible, Clubman wagon, Countryman crossover, the Coupe is on its way to showrooms and the Roadster is due to follow. So just how many derivatives are possible? The sky seems to be the limit as news of further body styles emerge with each passing day.

Next up? The five-door Mini hatchback. Word has it that a pair of suicide doors will be available on the upcoming third-generation model to allow easier access to the rear seats while allowing the Mini to take on larger rivals.

So what will this mean for the Clubman? The extended-length Mini hatchback already has a single suicide door on one side, but is tipped to grow even longer in the next generation to add more utility. Seems like this extra door should have been there all along, no?

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