Afghani motorists with license plates containing "39" mocked

We've heard of some odd aversions in our lifetime, but this is one of the strangest. Reuters is reporting that Afghanistan auto sales are struggling in a big way due to a sudden aversion to the number 39. Why? Nobody knows exactly, but the prevailing explanation seems to be that pimp in Iran had a tricked-out ride with a 39 in the license plate. Said pimp reportedly began calling his car "39," in reference to its plate numbers, and somehow the news made its way to Kabul, where the citizenry can be very conservative.

This "39" problem is apparently hurting auto sales in Afghanistan because license plates in the country are now numbered 39. The problem is so pronounced that that owners of cars with plates that end in 39 are getting heckled by onlookers, and those who are looking to sell their cursed cars are finding little luck, even with discounts.

While the pimp story appears to have momentum, some feel that a corrupt police department has more to do with the issue. The Fuzz are reportedly charging $200 to $500 for plates that end in anything other than 39. Unfortunately for dealers and those trying to sell, the result of the problem is that registrations have dropped from about 80 per day to somewhere closer to three.

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