Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept looks ready to tackle Dakar, maybe the moon

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
  • Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept
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The production version of the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado has yet to be revealed, but auto show crowds in Argentina are getting a peek at the possible lines of the upcoming pickup. Chevrolet is picking the Buenos Aires International Motor Show as the stage on which it will show off its new Colorado Rally Concept.

An aggressive and strong style are the immediate visual cues given off by the Rally Concept, which is meant to handle some serious off-road driving. A pair of integrated winches (one up front and one out back) will help should you actually manage to get the Colorado Rally Concept stuck. That ought to prove to be a difficult task, thanks to the 305/60R18 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires, long-travel suspension and 2.8-liter diesel engine.

Keeping up the aggression, the interior of the Chevy Colorado Rally Concept is equipped with racing seats and five-point harnesses. The driver or co-driver can adjust tire pressure and suspension settings from the cabin, while either can also enjoy some fresh air from the vents cut into the acrylic side windows.

To say that this truck is built to run off-road is an understatement.

Dear General Motors,

Make this truck. And sell it in the States. Please.

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Chevrolet introduces the second concept of the next generation of pick ups in the 5 th International Motor Show in Buenos Aires


Rally Colorado Concept conveys strength, power and capacity

Design developed by the GM Design Center South

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Chevrolet revealed in the 5 th International Motor Show in Buenos Aires, Colorado Rally, the second concept of what will be the next generation midsize pickups global brand. The premiere of the Rally version, following the presentation of the first Concept of Colorado Hall of Bangkok last March. These two pick ups will allow us to visualize how the next generation of pick ups global brand.

The tradition of Chevrolet pickups were characterized by their robustness and strength. This concept combines design elements from Chevrolet's legendary ability to develop vehicles with excellent performance both on and off the road.

"The Concept Rally Colorado, once again demonstrates that the DNA of competition is in the blood of Chevrolet. One of these characteristics Concept reaffirms our commitment to the future of the brand and also part of the centennial celebration of Chevrolet around the world, "said Jaime Ardila, president of GM South America.

"We are honored to be posted in Argentina for the first time in eastern Concept symbolizes the evolution of Chevrolet pickups in the world. We celebrate with pride the development of GM South America, "said Sergio Rocha, President and CEO of GM Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

For the construction of the Colorado Rally, GM designers in South America, conducted extensive research on this subject. Every item developed for this Concept was designed to improve vehicle performance in all fields and also to help the pilot and navigator.

This Concept is a version of pick-up double cabin, equipped with four-wheel drive, aluminum rims 18 "double-ended (machining and polishing) and 305/60 R18 tires. The power of the Colorado Rally Concept comes from an efficient 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine that delivers excellent torque for this car rally.

The Colorado Rally Concept has features that allow even better prepared for the off-road activity. It has high performance shock absorbers 140mm and a remote reservoir with fluid. It is also equipped with a system that allows you to increase during the suspension at 5 centimeters and consequently the height relative to the floor.

Both the front and rear, the Rally Colorado is equipped with integrated winch to the bumper, 5.5 hp, with a capacity of 4 tons of traction and reinforced steel cables 23 meters long.

Design details

Painted white pearl, the Colorado Rally Concept, has unique features developed by the GM Design Center in South America, exclusively for this vehicle. The windows are made of acrylic, which ensures greater protection from side impacts and also have holes for air circulation, as temperatures inside a rally car can exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

As for the bodywork, Colorado Rally, has a roll bar, support for the spare tire in the box and other decorative details in color "Charcoal" textured. Also in the box, this pickup has a plastic protector and a box of tools specifically developed for this Concept. It also has running boards stylized fueling nozzle exposed executed in aluminum. In order to improve aerodynamics and reduce vehicle weight, the designers have chosen to introduce a perforated back cover.

"Robust and aggressive lines of the Colorado Concept, presented in Bangkok were the perfect foundation for building a car rally. Certainly, with the debut of the Concept in the Hall of Buenos Aires will have a preview of what we see on the roads around the world in a while, "said Carlos Barba, General Director of GM Design America.

"The Concept Rally Colorado is looking to the future of the global Chevrolet pickups. With this concept, the brand demonstrates its leadership in building vehicles with great design and capacity, "said Brad Merkel, Executive GM Global Vehicle.

All external lighting of this pickup is comprised of lamps and lights that use LED technology. The Colorado Rally Concept has sidelights and high performance lighting incorporated into the outside rearview mirrors, as well as long range lights on the ceiling and auxiliary lights on the front bumper.

Inside: a separate show

The interior of the pick up Colorado Rally Concept is focused on ergonomics and functionality. The top of the dashboard is covered in textured leather color "Very Dark Grey Ash" and was fully adapted to incorporate the tools in a race car.

The center console, for example, has pressure and temperature gauges and controls that adjust the tire pressure, the hardness of the dampers, operate fire extinguishers and additional fuel pumps.

The sports steering wheel has a flattened curve and a set of LEDs indicating engine speed (the most important indicator for the pilot), allowing you to find the best time to shift gears. It also has four command buttons that alter the central display panel (alternating different information like a computer board), turn on the headlights, the Air Boost (a compressed air system that cleans the air quickly cabin, in situations where the vehicle is in a cloud of dust) and the speed limiter in the urban stretches.

The seats are sporty Colorado Rally Concept, type "shell" and has seatbelts five points that allow a total clamping of the pilots. They are lined Neoprene with orange stitching and has a lattice "Raschel" that gives the illusion of depth, black with orange background. The carpets of this pick up are aluminum with some holes and are placed a few millimeters above the floor. The purpose of this is to allow the occupants to clean your shoes and ensure a better grip.

Within the Colorado Rally, another item that stands out is the internal structure of occupant protection (cage), which facilitates the placement of extra equipment such as cameras or auxiliary lighting for the browser.

And speaking of pilots and navigators, the Colorado Rally Concept, offers a GPS navigation system of last generation and also a Hydration Pack. The latter is thermally insulated boxes containing an isotonic solution for hydration of the occupants, which passes through small tubes connected directly to the hull of them, allowing them to stay hydrated throughout the competition without removing from the road . In addition to these two cases, this concept has additional tool boxes and a first aid kit.


About Chevrolet

Founded in Detroit in 1911, Chevrolet is celebrating its centenary as a global automotive brand, with annual sales of about 4.26 million vehicles in over 130 countries. In the United States, Chevrolet's portfolio includes cars like Corvette and Camaro, trucks and SUV reliable and durable as Silverado and Suburban, and passenger cars and crossover as the winners Malibu, Equinox, and Traverse. Chevrolet also offers gasoline solutions that do not harm the environment, such as the Chevrolet Cruze Eco, with an approximate consumption of 5.6 liters per 100 km on the road, and the Chevrolet Volt, which offers 56.3 miles of electric driving and 553, 6 km further extended range with gasoline, according to EPA estimates.

In Argentina, Chevrolet sells the following models: Celta, Classic, Spark, Agile, Aveo, Astra, Vectra, Meriva, Cruze, Captiva, Montana and S10.


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Argentina GM 's Chevrolet brand sells through a large dealer network that provides services and spare parts in the country. In 2010, GM sold 108,755 units Argentina. In addition, it produced 127,818 units in GM Automotive Rosario Resort and exported 77,911 vehicles to various countries in the region. Currently, Argentina has 3,300 GM employees in the country and has facilities in Buenos Aires Alvear, Santa Fe

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