Autoblog Beta: Now open to all

Autoblog Beta, the preview site showing off our next top-to-bottom redesign, is now open to anyone with eyeballs at We had initially restricted access to just our community of Facebook followers, and we owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude.

We hated having to put a bouncer at the door, but those first few thousand people in the building gave us more quality feedback than we knew what to do with. Because of them pounding on the site to find its cracks, our developers were able to quickly fix problems and add new features that we hadn't even thought of in the design phase.

But today we're ready to show off Autoblog Beta to everyone. We hope you'll pound on the site too, and use the new Beta Bar at the bottom of the site to send us feedback about what you like and don't like, as well as alert us to anything that's just not working. You can also use the Beta Bar to quickly switch back and forth between the current version of the site and Autoblog Beta. If the Beta Bar is taking up too much of your screen real estate, there's a button on the bar's right side to minimize it.

Beta Bar:

Remember, Autoblog Beta is just that, a beta site, which means there are areas still not finished, some features not available and other things just not working. That's why we're letting you check it out early, so we can iron out all the problems before the beta site becomes the real site.

Click here to visit Autoblog Beta.

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