Cleaning the key to a happy Koenigsegg CCX

A Koenigsegg key comes back to life – Click above to watch video after the jump

Have you ever thought about getting your key cleaned? No? Neither have we. But if you were the owner of a Koenigsegg, perhaps you would. The auto-obsessed minds at took the key of their Koenigsegg CCX in for a bit of a polish. The body of the key is made from sterling silver, meaning the finish will tarnish over time.

A trip to Cavallino jewelers and a few minutes under a polishing wheel help bring the key back to life. The eGarage team brought along their cameras so you could see the key both before and after its major rubdown. Click past the jump to watch the Koenigsegg key regain its shine. Also, while you're down there, you can watch a preview of the videos that eGarage will be pushing out in the very near future.

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