Will the Leo Motors LZ-1 really compete with Tesla?

Korea's Leo Motors says it will debut an electric " supercar" dubbed the LZ-1 towards the end of 2011. The Korean firm promises that the vehicle's performance will exceed that of the Tesla Roadster. Leo Motors claims to have perfected the LZ-1 during the vehicle's five-year development process. Since when does it take just five years to achieve perfection?

Built from carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, the LZ-1 supposedly hits a top speed of up to 161 miles per hour and dashes from 0 to 60 mph in a scant 2.9 seconds. Impressive numbers, to be sure. IfLeo Motors actually launches the LZ-1 and they hold true, then the LZ-1 will become one of the quickest production vehicles available. Even more impressive is Leo Motors' claim that the LZ-1 has a range of 249 miles.

Also in the works is a plug-in hybrid version – the LZ-1H – which apparently uses hydrogen and LPG to fuel a generator that extends the vehicle's range to a whopping 560 miles. As expected, details are sketchy and Leo Motors has not released official pics or pricing, nor has the company announced a launch date.We will not be holding our breath for this one any time soon.

[Source: Sustainable Business]

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