Smart Fortwo gets the deluxe treatment from Boxfresh

Smart Brabus ForTwo by Boxfresh – Click above for high-res image gallery

Hard as it might seem to believe from its decidedly more spartan packaging, the Smart ForTwo is made by the same people responsible for the Maybach limousine and countless Smart Brabus ForTwo by BoxfreshMercedes-Benz luxury automobiles. But as seems to be the craze these days, the Daimler city car division has teamed up with a British clothing label called Boxfresh for a substantially more luxurious version.

The special one-off starts with a Brabus-spec cabrio, packing 31 more horsepower than standard for 101 – not exactly earth-shattering output numbers here, but a lot for such a tiny car. Boxfresh has resprayed it in what looks like a matte gunmetal finish; the interior is swathed in a rather sumptuous-looking tan leather. A heavy twill canvas folding roof tops it all off.

As you can see from the many artful close-ups in our image gallery, the attention to detail looks immaculate. We dare not ask how much such a trim job cost. This is, after all, a one-off for the time being, with the commercially-available product of their collaboration set to be announced later this year.

One way or another, it's not likely to make the jump Stateside – we just hope this isn't what Brabus was hiding under the tarp in that video from last week.

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