Nissan Juke gets the hot hatch treatment from Impul

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The Nissan Juke already features a unique and controversial exterior design. Apparently, it just isn't strange enough for the folks at Impul, a Japanese aftermarket tuning company that focuses on hopping up vehicles wearing Nissan badges.

Impul has crafted a body-kit for the car that includes a new front spoiler, grille, side skirts, rear spoiler, wing and side visor. A set of 19-inch Aura SR-08 wheels round out the exterior upgrades. The company says these rims are the same onrd found on Impul's race vehicles.

Since this is an Impul-customized Juke, the car gets more than just bolt-on appearance pieces. A new throttle body, computer system and exhaust setup help bring up the power output, while a set of upgraded shocks, springs and brake pads help control the hotter Juke.

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Nissan Juke

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