James May invades the world of fashion with "default clothing"

James May envisions simple clothes for every man – Click above to watch video after the jump

James May. Top Gear co-host, motoring enthusiast, burgeoning oenophile, Lego lover and... fashionista? It would appear so, as May recently took to a UK catwalk in order to show off his new line of clothing.

All is not as it seems, however, as the "clothing line" is merely Captain Slow's attempt to simplify male fashion. James has decided that all men need is a one-piece workman's jumpsuit, which can then be fitted with the necessary accessories depending on the occasion at hand. A belt for tools when one is working on the car, or a collar and tails if a bit of class is called for.

James' foray into the fashion industry is part of his BBC show Man Lab. May uses the series to try and teach emasculated men how to get their balls back do manly things. Fashion may not seem like a manly subject, but James has decided to flip it around to suit his needs. How does he fare? Click past the jump to watch for yourself.

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