Report: Porsche denies KERS coming to 911 range

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In mid-May, we reported that the next-gen Porsche 911 will significantly depart from previous 911 models. The chief novelty of the 991 (Porsche's code name for the next-gen 911), confirmed by Porsche sources in Germany, was that the entire 911 lineup would benefit from KERS technology.

Now, the German automaker is reportedly denying that the upcoming 911 will employ any form of hybrid tech. A Porsche insider allegedly told Autocar that:
That's nonsense. The [KERS] system is currently applied to a race car. Nothing else is planned. The new 911 will not be offered with hybrid drive for the foreseeable future. If and when it is, then it will most likely happen as a plug-in.
KERS or not, it appears a seven-speed manual transmission – equipped with a taller final gear ratio to improve fuel efficiency – will find a home in the next-gen 911.

[Source: Autocar | Images: CarPix]

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