Is Best Buy looking to become a service center for EVs?

Best Buy may be pulling the plug on its lineup of electric two-wheelers due to poor sales, but that doesn't mean they want to get out of the EV business entirely. Rocco Pendola from Seeking Alpha had a chance to sit down with Best Buy and discuss some of their future market strategies. The electronics giant told Pendola it sees electric vehicles simply as a "computer on wheels." Like any computer, EVs may break down or need service, and the Geek Squad could be there to assist right in your driveway. This could help alleviate people's aversion to EVs and increase adoption rates.

Best Buy already has deals with Ford and Mitsubishi for installation and support of home EV charging stations. Moving forward, Pendola thinks Best Buy may have plans to implement something akin to Tesla's Mobile Service Rangers but for other electric vehicle brands. It all makes sense, since we called Tesla's Mobile Service Rangers the "Geek Squad for EVs" back in 2009. Coming around full-circle, in a few years, the Geek Squad may be the one fixing that computer on wheels in your driveway.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]

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