Video: Top Gear EV eco special lampooned even before it airs

Top Gear Eco Challenge spoof – Click above to watch the video after the break

Facts are facts, right? When you're talking electric vehicles, a few salient details can completely make or break your experience with the machine; two of the most important being the time it takes to achieve a full charge and how much distance the car can go at a certain speed on that charge.

Of course, a creative person (or television series) can wreak havoc with such facts and do it all in the name of entertainment. Take, for instance, the review Top Gear made of the Tesla Roadster, the result of which – a not-really-dead dead battery and a push to the garage – led to a legal battle. And if that wasn't enough to get EV fans in a tizzy, we know that the TG crew has shot another electric vehicle spot that also ended up with pushing, presumably due to dead batteries. We're expecting controversy...

Whether more Top Gear reviews of electric cars are a good or bad thing depends largely on your point of view – do you trust a show like Top Gear enough that it would influence your purchasing decisions or do you merely watch to get a good laugh and witness automotive hijinks?

If the latter is true of you, we'd like to direct you to one particularly hilarious spoof of Jeremy Clarkson and James May, two of the three stars of the hit UK show. Two electric cars are put to the test (well, sort of... actually, not at all, but that's hardly the point) by two young Brits who have rather spot-on interpretations of their characters.

Keep in mind that the real version of the Top Gear episode in question is scheduled to air sometime on the BBC in the coming months, and we're really looking forward to it. In the meantime, kill 10 minutes of your life by watching the spoof video after the break, it's worth it.

[Source: YouTube via All Cars Electric]

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