Video: Brabus teases new Smart concept, we scratch our heads

Smart Brabus concept is under wraps – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Of all the auto marques on the market, Smart isn't exactly the first we'd associate with high performance. That's where Brabus comes in.

The longtime Mercedes-Benz tuner has emerged as something like Smart's own AMG – that is to say, the factory-approved tuning house of choice – offering an array of aftermarket accessories for the diminutive city cars. But once in a while, Brabus also cranks out something truly unique.

In 2003, Brabus squeezed a twin-turbo V6 into the Smart Roadster. In 2006, Brabus followed up with the ForFour Race Concept that turned the ill-fated four-door Smart into a veritable hot hatch.

Brabus was keen to show it off for the official Smart website in the UK, and in the process hinted at the next show car coming down the road. Hard to say what it is, since all we see is a tarp, but considering that the ForFour and Roadster have long since kicked the bucket, it's fairly safe to assume it's based on the ForTwo – the core Smart product and the last remaining model Brabus hasn't yet tinkered with to the same extent. Follow the jump to see for yourself.

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