GreenGo Tek E-Dyne
GreenGo Tek E-Dyne electric van

Michigan-based neighborhood electric vehicle manufacturer GreenGo Tek Electric (GGT) has been selected to supply the state of South Carolina with at least ten of its low-speed E-Dyne electric vans. South Carolina intends to use the plug-in vans for campus supervision, grounds maintenance, parking meter enforcement, personal transportation and light-duty cargo hauling.

The E-Dyne van is powered by either a 6-kW (8-horsepower) or an optional 25-kW (33.5-hp) electric motor and comes packing a 72-volt or an optional 96-volt absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery pack. Top speed for the E-Dyne is listed at 25 miles per hour and total range is a quaint 40 miles. The E-Dyne can be configured as an eight-seat passenger van or a two-seat cargo van.

Though the initial contract calls for GGT to deliver ten E-Dyne vans to the state of South Carolina, there's potential for a contract extension, with South Carolina having the option to purchase ten more electric vans.

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GGT Electric Wins State-Wide Bid to Supply South Carolina with Electric Vehicles

Detroit-area electric vehicle manufacturer will deliver to the state a target of 10 all-electric, zero-emission vans for the next two years

Milford, Mich., May 26, 2011 – While gas prices continue to skyrocket, more state and federal governments are transitioning their automotive fleets to safer, cleaner, and less-expensive electric vehicles. A prime example of this move towards fleet greening is the recent awarding of a monumental state-wide contract to GGT (GreenGoTek) Electric from the state government of South Carolina.

GGT Electric, an automotive engineering, design and manufacturing company based out of Milford, Michigan, has won one of South Carolina's first ever statewide contracts to bring low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) to the state's automotive fleet.

The initial target of the contract calls for GGT to deliver 10 of their E-Dyne all-electric passenger vans to the state of South Carolina for the first year, with the option for a second year renewal for another 10 vans.

The E-Dyne Van is a rugged, functional work vehicle that's 100% electric and produces zero emissions, making it a clean, safe option for buyers and the planet. The vans will be used for a multitude of potential purposes, including, but not limited to, campus supervision, grounds maintenance, parking meter enforcement, personal transportation, light hauling, and many others.

"We're proud to have our electric vehicles operating in so many American institutions and we're extremely excited to now have the great state of South Carolina as a new partner" says Ray Leduc, CEO of GGT Electric. "The mission of our company is clear. We are working to advance the adoption of all-electric vehicles in North America in order to protect our environment, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and provide safer, cleaner, and less-expensive options to fleet and automotive buyers. We can't wait to see one of our electric vans driving through the streets of Columbia, South Carolina!"

GGT Electric is a leader in the international fleet greening movement, having previous supplied its all-electric vehicles to such diverse sources as the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Veterans Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Grand Canyon National Park, the University of Memphis, and the U.S. Forestry Service, to name a few.

You can find more information on GGT Electric's diverse range of all-electric, zero emission vehicles at

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