London adds 150 charging stations; total now stands at 400

The city of London has taken a significant step towards becoming the electric vehicle capital of Europe with the launch of Source London – a scheme that has already added 150 public-use chargers in the city.

The creation of a city-wide charging network is an attempt to quash fears of range anxiety. The launch of the Source London scheme means that there are now approximately 400 charging points in the city. Ultimately, the plan calls for 1,300 chargers by 2013, or a charging station no more than one mile from every Londoner.

Here's some info that's sure to make you wonder whether or not London actually needs 1,300 charging stations. Some 16,729 electric and hybrids vehicles are registered in London. Of that number, only approximately 2,100 are of the plug-in type. Consider this: with 1,300 charging points, Londoners will be more likely to stumble upon a charger than a gas station. Hat tip to David!


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