GMAC Insurance test suggests one-in-five drivers would fail driver's test

Our roadways are filled with crappy drivers. It's an unfortunate fact that we take our lives into our hands every time we strap on a seatbelt and head out on the open road. But at least we all have passed the most basic test of driving skill, right?

Sadly, according to a recent test carried out by GMAC Insurance, a driver's license may not mean what we think it means. Apparently, one-in-five drivers would fail their driver's test if they had to retake it today. Such simple rules about what to do when approaching a yellow light and how much distance to leave in between the car ahead were answered incorrectly by a shocking three out of four drivers.

After three consecutive years at the bottom of the list, New York drivers managed to move up to 45th, leaving the District of Columbia to earn their spot as the worst drivers in America. Kansas drivers scored the highest. In other us-versus-them news, men managed to score a significant six-percent better than women, and drivers between the ages of 60 and 65 scored the highest.

Check out the complete press release after the break for more interesting tidbits, and feel free to take a simple test yourself at the GMAC Insurance website.
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GMAC Insurance Study: Nearly 1 in 5 American Drivers Unfit for the Road

7th Annual Survey Shows Kansas Drivers Remain Most Knowledgeable, Washington, D.C. Ranks Last

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (May 26, 2011) – Today, the 2011 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test results revealed that 1 in 5 drivers on the road today cannot meet the basic requirements to get a driver's license, meaning that 36.9 million American drivers - roughly 18 percent - would not pass the written drivers test if taken today. Kansas continued their reign in first place (82.9 percent average score), while New York was bumped from last by Washington, D.C. (71.8 percent average score). Take the test and view the full results at

"The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test has become the benchmark for America's driving IQ," said Scott Eckman, chief marketing officer, GMAC Insurance. "All Americans need a refresher course when it comes to rules of the road and it begins with education. We're hoping this year's GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test results will inspire drivers to arm themselves with the knowledge they need to stay safe."

The average score of all drivers increased from 76.2 percent in 2010 to 77.9 percent this year, but results suggest that a great number of people on the road still lack basic driving knowledge, which can lead to dangerous driving habits. Eighty-five percent could not identify the correct action to take when approaching a steady yellow traffic light, and only a quarter were aware of safe following distances.

Without critical driving comprehension, many drivers run the risk of increased accidents or near accidents, where they often come to the realization of their lack of knowledge on rules of the road. The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test sets out to remind drivers to re-up their credentials before such events occur.

The seventh annual survey polled 5,130 licensed drivers ages 16-65, from 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 2011 test gauged driver knowledge by administering 20 questions taken from state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exams. The test was administered online by TNS, the world's largest custom research agency. National data was weighted to percentage of state population, age, gender and ethnicity.

GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test Highlights

Males are better drivers? If driving knowledge is any indication of driving habits, men are better drivers than women. 1 in 4 women failed the test (27.2 percent versus 13.6 percent for male). Overall, males out-performed females with an average score of 80.2 percent versus 74.1 percent for females.

Northeast is worst driving region with average scoring at 74.9 percent. Midwest is best driving region with average scoring at 77.5 percent.

The older the wiser. Oldest drivers tested, ages 60-65, continued to have the highest average test scores at 80.3 percent.

Be careful in the Empire State and Beltway: · 1 of 3 (34 percent) of all drivers in New York and Washington, D.C. failed the test. The state with the lowest percentage of failures is Wyoming, with only 1 of 20 (4.5 percent) failing the test.

New York no longer last: New York moves to 45th after placing last three years in a row with a score of 75.3 percent

Biggest gains and losses: After ranking 24th place in 2010, Colorado moves to third place with an 82 percent average score. Arkansas plummeted 30 spots from tenth place in 2010 to 40th place this year. Their average test score decreased from a 79.8 percent average to a 76 percent average.

Think You're Smarter Than the Average Driver? Take the test.
Test your driving smarts at, where you can take the survey, play a quirky driving game, and challenge friends to top your score. Facebook users can take the National Drivers Test Facebook quiz and challenge their friends, and Twitter users can follow the Drivers Test Twitter page for updates on state rankings and tidbits on safe driving habits.

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