Report: Red Bull Racing to tap Nissan's battery tech experts

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Battery tech experts over at Nissan will be tapped to boost the performance of vehicles fielded by the world champion F1 Red Bull Racing team, according to What Car? Having recently signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Infiniti, Red Bull is now seeking a collaborative agreement on technical projects with Japanese automaker Nissan.

According to reports, members of Red Bull Racing have already met with personnel at Nissan's UK technical center and will RBR engineers will soon go to Nissan's research and development facility in Japan.

Word is that the Red Bull Racing team has struggled to make its KERS system work and will likely turn to Nissan for assistance with the performance-boosting setup. It's also believed that Nissan, with its extensive lithium-ion battery know-how, may assist with developing a more powerful pack for the Red Bull Racing team.

Red Bull F1 boss, Christian Horner, told What Car? that:
Our budget into battery technology is minuscule compared with Nissan's and they are working on developments a long way in advance of what's commercially available today. Hopefully, they can help us, and then we can help them by effectively testing their prototypes in extreme conditions.
So, it looks like it's a two-way deal, with Nissan gaining valuable time testing its prototype vehicles.

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[Source: What Car?]

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