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Raphial Morgado compares size of 14-inch engine to a conventional diesel engine

Angel Labs announced that it has inked a three-way deal to commercialize its six-inch "Massive Yet Tiny" (MYT-6) engine. The MYT runs on pure Titan biodiesel and powers an attached 40-kW genset distributed by Industrial Green Power (IGP). The agreement is a multi-year, multi-million dollar opportunity for Angel Labs. Currently, IGPI is accepting orders for the MYT-6 genset and promises delivery within one year. The proprietary genset comes backed by a five-year/5,000-hour warranty.

At an estimated 500 pounds (the vast majority of which is the alternator and frame, as the engine itself weighs in at only 26 pounds), the MYT-6 genset is significantly lighter than a conventional 40-kW genset, as the picture above makes clear. Angels Labs even claims that a variant design of the MYT-6 genset, which would utilize a lightweight alternator, could tip the scales at less than 200 pounds.

Oddly, Angel Labs' recent presser makes no mention of the MYT-6 genset's usefulness in a range-extended electric vehicle, but given that it's lightweight, fuel efficient and biodiesel-compatible, the MYT-6 seems well-suited for that application.

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MYT™-6 Engine Signs for Strategic Commercialization

FOLSOM, Calif., May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Angel Labs, LLC announced today that it has entered into a three-way arrangement to bring its ultra-efficient 6-inch Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine to market powering a 40 kW genset distributed by Industrial Green Power Inc (IGPI) that runs on 100% biodiesel fuel provided by Titan Biodiesel. The agreement represents a multi-year, multi-million dollar opportunity for Angel Labs and culminates many months of efforts seeking strategic partners, and is expected to be the first of many.

IGPI is now taking orders for the MYT-6 genset from its website with delivery within one year. This presently proprietary (awaiting full patent protection) genset comes with a five year or 5,000 hour warranty.

The MYT-6 genset is expected to be much smaller than its competitors, consuming far less fuel, with much lower emissions, and longer life because it has fewer moving parts, and the biodiesel fuel helps keep the engine lubricated. The noise volume is expected to be comparable to a typical law mower.

At an estimated 500 lbs (most of which is the alternator and frame, as the engine itself will weigh only 26 lbs), the MYT-6 genset is much lighter than the 3,000 lb weight that is typical of a conventional 40 kW genset. A variant design of the MYT-6 genset, using a lighter (but more expensive) alternator, could weigh in at 200 lbs, which could be carried by two soldiers. No wonder the military is expected to be an early customer.

A conventional 40 kW genset might burn through 3 to 5 gallons of fuel per hour. In a continuous-running scenario, that would come to around 100 gallons of fuel per day. At the present price of around $4/gallon in the US, that's $400/day in fuel. If the MYT-6 genset uses just half the fuel (it will probably do better than that), this results in a $200/day savings; so just from fuel savings along, the genset return on investment would be 750 days – just over two years. Add to that the benefits of reduced emissions, and thus reduced potential penalties for pollution.

Speaking of fuel, part of IGPI's agreement with Titan Biofuels specifies that the purchase of the MYT-6 genset comes with a 55 gallon drum of 100% biofuel refined by Titan. The customer will be able to purchase fuel through Titan at a rate that is 10 cents cheaper than the heating oil cost at any given time, including the cost of delivery in the U.S. Presently, for example, the heating oil index lists at $3.09/gallon, making the fuel a dollar cheaper than diesel fuel with the additional 10 cent discount. The MYT-6 genset will be optimized to run on Titan's fuel blend, and running it on any other fuel will void the IGPI warranty.

The 100% Titan biodiesel blend is environmentally benign, with no harmful emissions or toxins, so shipping it will not pose the same kind of obstacles as typical diesel. It will not explode or ignite except under the engine type of conditions (pressure), so it is safe that way as well in terms of storage in fuel tanks and collisions scenarios.

About Angel Labs

Angel Labs, LLC is a privately held product and intellectual properties business. Its mission is to commercialize, in phases, numerous inventions contributed by inventor and founder Raphial R.G. Morgado that cover land, sea and air. Morgado has accumulated a pool of advanced technologies during the last 25 years and expects to greatly improve the way we live and travel with revolutionary yet environmentally friendly technologies. The inventions include the revolutionary internal combustion engine called the MYT engine.

About Industrial Green Power Inc (IGPI)

IGPI was incorporated in December of 2006 for the purpose of placing 2 MW gensets at substations in Upstate New York. Ultimately, the mission of Industrial Green Power (IGP) is too meet the practical needs of people worldwide. Their present goal is to free people from reliance on the national grid. "By offering gensets that are powered by the World's most revolutionary engine and fueled by a renewable resource that we can grow, our dependence on fossil fuels is reduced."

About Titan Biofuels

Titan Biofuels of Texas is a start-up company focused on delivering biofuels to the fuel infrastructure. Titan Express, Inc. plans to bring biodiesel to the retail market mostly through the purchase of existing larger truck stops and fuel oil companies with an existing account base. Titan Biofuels, Inc. will operate fuel terminals, distribute biodiesel and produce Renewable Diesel.

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