Red-light camera company exec put on leave after internet misrepresentation

Bill Kroske, vice president of American Traffic Solutions, Inc., has been suspended after misrepresenting himself on two newspaper websites in western Washington. Kroske claimed to be a citizen in comments he made on both the Everett, Wash. Herald and the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review.

In those comments, Kroske promoted American Traffic Solutions' red light camera systems, which bust impatient travelers even when cops aren't available. A reporter at the Herald found Kroske out after tracing comments he made back to Scottsdale, Arizona, where the company is based. That wasn't the only clue, however.

It seems that Kroske used his work email address and real name to set up commenting accounts on both websites. He then proceeded to extol the benefits of red light camera systems on both newspapers' sites. Evidently Kroske was ignorant of the fact that comments are moderated, and administrators can track their origins. For all the gory details on Koske's online bumbling, head over to the Spokesman-Review's website.

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