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Mini Cooper Goodwood to get maximal sticker shock

Mini Cooper Goodwood – Click above for high-res gallery

We've run through the basic Mini Goodwood proposition with you since before its debut at this year's Shanghai Motor Show. Mini intends to build limited runs – 1,000 units total worldwide of the basic Cooper hatchback (at least for starters) of the Goodwood trim under the selectable Mini You area of their branding mothership. This is all to honor the BMW Group's other hallowed brand, Rolls-Royce, which resides on the Goodwood estate in southern England.

So, any Goodwood Mini should be pretty chic-chic, right? You have no idea.

In Europe, our sources tell us the 'base' Mini Cooper Goodwood edition will cost 46,900 euro when it starts deliveries in March of 2012. Seeing as one euro dollar is worth pretty consistently around $1.45 U.S. these days, that could be $68,000 to us. Be still our beating hearts.

In reality, the dumbed-down U.S. price ought to arrive at about $48,000. That's roughly 2.4 times the price of the base hatchback.

Worth it to you? The Rolls-spec leather and woody parts are sumptuous, we must say.

And everything from Al Capone's vault is in the trunk – standard!

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