Bibendum 2011: Nissan Leaf, Renault Fluence, Toyota FCHV among long list of rally winners

The battery-powered Renault Fluence Z.E. and Nissan Leaf were among the long list of victors at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, a sustainable mobility-themed event held in Berlin, Germany.

The Fluence edged out the Tesla Roadster to take first place in the 300-km inter-city rally in the electric-drive production vehicle category. The Fluence Z.E.'s well-to-wheels CO2 output, as calculated by Michelin's team of experts, was 57 grams per kilometer. The Fluence Z.E. needed only one battery swap, which took six minutes, halfway through the rally. The swap was performed with hand tools thanks to a modification to the vehicle's battery anchoring system.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Leaf captured victory in the 30-km urban vehicle rally at Bibendum. This course included city and peri-urban-driving simulations with several roundabouts, junctions, U-turns and other typical city situations that force vehicles to make numerous stops.

Toyota's Highlander-based FCHV-adv, a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, took first place in the 300-km inter-city rally in the electric-drive prototype category, followed by fuel cell vehicles from from Audi and SAIC.

Among production vehicles with an internal combustion engine, Porsche, with its Panamera S Hybrid, captured victory in the 300-km inter-city rally in the ICE production category.

The passenger vehicle rallies were but one part of the numerous Michelin Challenge Bibendum events. A full list of participants, winners and detailed rally results can be found by clicking here.

[Source: Michelin Challenge Bibendum]
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Rally results

05-20-2011 by Challenge Bibendum

The jury has designated the following winners.

The winners are classified by vehicle category for each rally.

Intercity Passenger Car Rally (See detailed results)

-ICE prototype: Audi A3 TCNG (No 220)

-ICE production: Porsche Panamera S Hybrid (No 249

-Electric drive prototype: Toyota FCHV (No 188)

-Electric drive production: Renault Z.E électrique (No 209)

Battery Electric Rally (See detailed results)

-Concept vehicles: ex-aequo: Lupo EL from the Eindhoven University of Technology (No 168) and RaceAbout from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science (No 154).

-Production and prototype vehicles: three ex-aequo: Audi A3 e-tron (No 164), Mercedes A Class E-CELL (No 150) and Volvo C30 Electric (No 162).

Urban Vehicle Rally (See detailed results)

-Electric propulsion bikes: HR2 - ID Bike presented by EnBWEnergie Baden Wüttemberg AG – HR2 (No 79)

-Light quadricycles: Microcar New M.Go (No 101)

-Heavy quadricycles: MEGA Multitruck from the Consortium for the Electrification of Vehicles (No 113)

-Urban cars: Nissan LEAF (No 130)

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