Lotus delays Elan until 2016, Esprit on track for 2013

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Despite the barrage of concepts presented at the Paris Motor Show, Lotus still has lots of planning ahead as it maps out the future. Five concept vehicles were revealed in 2010:the Elan, Elise, Elite, Esprit and Eterne. We've got an update on two of them.

Car and Driver says that the Lotus Esprit should arrive by 2013. The Elan, however, has a murkier future. Forget 2013; it's been speculated that we might not see it until 2016. Blame the Lotus Evora.

Orignally, Lotus planned to shut down the Evora so that it could give way to the Elan. Now, Lotus management has decided that the Evora deserves a traditional model cycle. Should the Evora continue into a second generation, it puts the Elan's existence into question. If a second-generation Evora isn't developed, a next-generation car, then new Elan will arrive and fill in the open lineup spot.

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